Base Object Model (BOM) Standards
There are two BOM related documents that have been standardized by SISO. These documents include the “BOM Template Specification”, and the “Guide for BOM Use and Implementation”.

The BOM Template Specification defines semantics and syntax needed to represent a BOM. The BOM contains the essential elements needed to represent a reusable pattern of interplay, which is characterized by messages and/or triggers related to one or more conceptual object classes mapped to HLA object classes and HLA interaction classes. The Guide for BOM Use and Implemenation provides discussion on BOM development and the application and use of BOMs for the assembly of simulations and simulation spaces.

Base Object Model (BOM) Template Specification
This document provides the essential details regarding the makeup and ontology of a BOM. Download it now!

Guide for Base Object Model (BOM) Use and Implementation
This is a great companion document for the BOM template specification! Please take the opportunity to download and read it.